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Here is the requirement for you. You have a GitHub repo that has version control. The repo is maintained in an agile environment so that your team will need to release a new tag in each dash.

There are several reasons that we don’t do automatic deployment from GitHub webhook to trigger the deployment here. One of the most is the package is not a service itself, it is a package for other services to use. So we only release it when necessary or feature added.

Version template

Before we set it, here is usually the template for the package version.


Generally speaking, use a Root user to run a process is not ideal, it grants too much permission to the process and increases the security risk. But if you try to solve this issue, you will run into a dilemma,

  • Most of the examples/questions you will see you can solve with root permission
  • You will also see there is no harm to run it with a non-root user as long as you provide enough read/write permission on logs and pid.

How do you choose to root or non-root?

The following structure gave us a solution.

To be able to run any subprocess as a different user from what…


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